Illegal Fishing & Resource Theft

Illegal Unreported, Unmonitored Fishing (IUU) undermines multi-national efforts to limit fish catches, manage the resource and combat overfishing.


The UN estimates $10bn to $20bn a year is lost to illegal fishing

Illegal fishing and resource theft can impact some of the poorest countries in the world where fish can represent 50% of the protein people eat.


We source from reputable boats, avoiding risks in terms of certain areas, owners and 'flags of convenience' and verifying black lists of boats produced by NGO’s and the tuna control authorities.

We are careful not just to avoid illegal fishing but also to avoid "resource theft". We refuse to buy anything from long distance foreign fleets.

Local fishing, in the vast majority of cases is done with far more selective methods, employs far more people and uses either no or far less fuel. By fishing their own fish, local communities earn a living, support vital jobs and develop and improve their livelihoods by the money that they earn. Fair trade should not start with stealing from the poor.


The UN estimates $10bn to $20bn a year is lost to illegal fishing

The EJF campaign actively in the political arena within the EU and elsewhere to shine a light on illegal fishing activity and urge a better political response. It also operates a monitoring boat off the coast of West Africa to empower the local community to log, report and witness acts of illegal fishing.

We actively work to raise funds for the EJF.


Nearly £20,000 was raised in 2010 when our founder cycled from London to Paris for an EJF patrol that we support

In 2010 our founder cycled from London to Paris.

In 2013 we sponsored and helped organise a World Ocean day night ride from London to the Coast.

La Pirogue is a film that we supported showing the damage done by illegal fishing.

An EJF patrol boat is used to police and report on illegal fishing off the coast of West Africa.

Resource theft happens when a country sells rights to fish within their coastal waters to foreign countries, putting sustainability and the livelihood of small local fisherman at risk.

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