Global Tuna

Tinned tuna is a multimillion pound industry. Catches of tuna and tuna-like species set a new record of more than 7 million tonnes in 2012...


We all know that fish is good for you but it's becoming quite clear that fishing is no longer very good for the planet and there simply won't be plenty of fish in the sea if we don't take action now. The problem is the industrialisation of fishing which has led to too many fish being taken, too many boats fishing and totally mad fishing methods that kill off many other species (as bycatch), kill too many baby fish that are often too small to keep and destroy the sea habitat.

It's time to say enough is enough. Fish 4 Ever has one of the most comprehensive sustainable fishing policies in the world. It is the only brand of canned fish in the UK to properly address major environmental concerns.

"A year or so later Greenpeace International began a campaign and featured Fish4Ever in two best practise videos.

Since then there has been a massive switch towards pole and line sourcing (thanks to GP)"


Stock management has become the focus of
sustainability but it doesn’t go far enough.

Many companies don’t do the research- they end up selling “certified” products that are caught illegally. Dolphin friendly does not guarantee sustainability, and bycatch issues are still common place. Tuna is also sold as a loss leader. The loss making product has to be subsidised elsewhere, often by products that aren't in the ethical limelight.

What we think

Our Tuna is sourced supporting artisan fisheries, local boats, local packers and fair working conditions as well as the best sustainability standards.

Our traceability is built into the way that we source because we don't buy from anywhere and everywhere - we only buy from very precise fishing boats.

We prioritise pole and line. Smaller fisheries tend to use these methods and target adult tuna avoiding bycatch associated with other methods.

Smaller fisheries are able to support local workers.

The factory we work with was actually rescued by the local authority at the start of the financial crisis to maintain work and income on the island. The cannery is on the edge of the water.


Keep tuna fishing sustainable


Where we rank

In the only comprehensive ethical ranking looking at all issues
Fish 4 Ever is the clear leader

The Ethical Consumer Research Association, an independent research institute that judges ethical performance of all sorts of products against a wide range of criteria scored Fish4Ever well above all other UK brands.

In June 2009 Seafood Choice Alliance profiled Fish4Ever founder and published our Tuna Manifesto, our advice for companies on how to source tuna.

Greenpeace ranked us top of other brands on the market.

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