Anchovies in Organic Olive Oil

Anchovies in Organic Olive Oil
European Commission, Organic Farming

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If you know anything about Italians and food you will know they can be extremely fussy about ingredients and the correct way of doing things. If they got to know what our celeb chefs got up to in the name of "Italian" gastronomy, it could cause an uproar.

Four generations ago, the great-grandfather of my friend, Giuseppe, named his company "sea" in Greek. Sicily with it's long history of foreign dominions is the home of what many regard as the best cuisine of Italy. I would not dare challenge Giuseppe on the intricacies of the preparation of anchovies but I can tell you they are several times Gold Great Taste award winners and that anchovies is something I keep at hand permanently, just like salt and pepper - a must-have store cupboard ingredient.