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isn't a certification or independent label or standard. Sea Action is our own logo to describe the choices we make and the action we take.

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Small Boats First

Supporting small local boats is the way towards true sustainability. Small boats, fishing carefully in extremely precise parts of the sea, only take the right amount of fish, use the best methods, process the fish locally and as a result help rather than hinder the environment and the local community.

We choose small boats first and are proud to
have the smallest boat in the global tuna industry.


Local Fishing

Supporting the people that know how to fish, instead of taking the livelihood away from local fishing communities is important. Sourcing from local fishermen using only sustainable methods, never buying from foreign long distance waste fleets and keeping production local.

We choose local and as a result have excellent catch-to-can traceability in place.


No Bycatch or Discard

Fishing methods need to be thought about. Using pole and line as much as possible, and where not possible, with Sardines for example, tailoring the best equipment for the places and species fished. Saying no to methods that cause damage to the sea floor or habitat, and avoiding all known risks of illegal fishing or of catching juvenile fish or endangered species.

We use good methods meaning that we have almost no bycatch or discard in our fishing.


Land, Sea, People

True sustainability incorporates the land, sea and the people. Stakeholders of the sea need to be protected and positively influenced in order for a truly sustainable claim to be made.

We focus on these areas in the following ways:



Fish4Ever is the only canned fish brand in the UK which insists on organic land ingredients.

Organic farming standards address the issues of intensive farming and the use of harmful chemicals, that not only damage the land but through river systems can result in the pollution of coastal waters.



We choose small boats first, local fishing and good methods. 

Sustainable choices allow fishing that doesn't create damage to sea life. All our fish is caught with very selective equipment in precise parts of the sea. None of our methods damage the sea floor or habitat and we avoid all known risks, including methods to avoid by-catch and discard.



We support local boats fishing carefully, not far from their port of origin, paying and treating their workers well.

We prefer small-scale artisan boats and local packing whenever possible and believe in fair pay and workers’ rights.

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