What People Say About Us
Hugh Fearnley - TV Chef, restauranteur and campaigner
“We’re sure you wouldn’t want fish to be hounded and harried to extinction, but especially not one that tastes so good. Please only buy sustainably sourced tinned tuna – the Fish4Ever brand is the one we recommend."

“Given the bewildering range of tinned tuna available to the consumer we thought it might be worth mentioning ...brands that we know use sensitive fishing methods within well-managed fisheries… the Fish4Ever brand of albacore is sustainable fished nearer to home in the northeast Atlantic”. “Fish4Ever sustainable tinned fish: I’m a big fan of tinned fish, from sardines to mackerel, and it’s great to be able to buy it with a clean conscience.”
Martin Blunos - TV Chef, Michelin Starred restauranteur and campaigner
“…Martin, who has run two two Michelin starred restaurants is a regular on TV and is currently working on more Fish4Ever recipes for us…”

Caroline Bennett - Founder of Moshi Moshi in London
“The tuna was delicious, quite notably different from the ‘cat food’ that is often passed off as tinned tuna! The smell of the tuna was of the fresh sea and iodine, and not in the least bit ‘fishy’ .The flavours were fresh and clean, and didn’t dominate other ingredients in the dishes, so in a humble sandwich the taste of good bread would come through. The textures of the yellowfin tuna was wonderful – nice big, firm chunks of meat, and suitable to be used in salads. the tuna was fresh and clean on the palate so didn’t need an overly-heavy dressing, so a soy citrus sauce lends itself perfectly to this tuna.”

Marc Alain - Independent fisheries expert author of “Trading Away Our Oceans" for Greenpeace International.
“Congratulations. .... The section you have on fair trade criteria and social sustainability is really excellent and I think what differentiates your product from all others.... It is the "and much more" which makes your product different from all others and one which your clients should feel especially good about when they choose your label... My hat goes off to you. This is really a very good piece of work on a complex topic that provides solid information that should re-assure the most discerning of consumers that you have done your homework and made sustainable procurement choices on their behalf...."

Charles Clover - Author of The End of the Line and Environmental journalist
"I am very impressed both with the quality of your product and the lengths you have gone to in trying to make sure that the fish you sell is sustainable. It seems pretty tough with tuna, I have to say. "
Craig Sams and Jo Fairley - Founders Green and Black's organic chocolate
"I love Craig's Tuna Fish Pie (using Fish4Ever tuna only)."

Kerrie Ferguson - from the original Loch Fyne Oysters Restaurant and Shop in Cairndow
“These Fish4Ever tuna products were tasted by a team of shop staff who regularly sample many of the products that we sell. These are quality products. The fact that the entire range is in ring pull cans makes the tuna highly convenient and a great idea for picnics. All the products can be used to make healthy summer salads, or more filling pasta bakes. Finally, the informative packaging, which includes the Marine Connection logo, helps consumers to buy with confidence.
Importantly, the range is not just dolphin friendly but turtle, seabird and shark friendly and has strong criteria caring for protecting the wider eco system.”
Geetie Singh - Founder of Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub (with Chefs)
“I’d miss anchovies so much if I had to leave them out of my cooking. Fish4Ever provide a handy store cupboard staple that you can eat without guilt”.
Tim Maddams - Head chef of the River Cottage canteen in Axminste
“May I say how great and refreshing I find Fish4Ever’s dedication to sustainable fishing? Yellowfin Tuna in organic sunflower oil Fantastic, a very true flavour of tuna. Albacore in organic sunflower oil Wow, again not over salted as tinned fish has a tendency to be, Really great texture and flavour, it almost tastes fresh. A revelation, Skipjack tuna chunks in brine, Wow. Now, this is the one to cook with, great pasta and surprisingly not salty for fish in brine.”
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